Flash Games

Are you searching for your favorite old web games? Are you having Flash flashbacks? Do you miss the classics built in Flash? Look no further! We have compiled a category full of old Flash games, as well as the shiny new HTML5 versions of these said classics. Sit back and enjoy all these entertaining titles reworked from the ground-up!

What are the best free Flash Games online?

  1. Escaping the Prison
  2. Burrito Bison Revenge
  3. Papa's Burgeria
  4. Murder
  5. Fancy Pants 2
  6. Duck Life
  7. Raft Wars
  8. Papa's Freezeria
  9. Bubble Trouble
  10. QWOP

What are the most popular Flash Games for the mobile phone or tablet?

  1. Murder
  2. Duck Life
  3. Raft Wars
  4. Bubble Trouble
  5. QWOP