Kogama Games

Imagine, design, and create 3D wonders in our Kogama games! Our growing collection includes constantly updated multiplayer adventures. You can enter the online community with your own avatar. The in-depth character editor lets you change the color, shape, and animations of your 3D lookalike. Make your avatar a regular human, green ogre, or crazy robot monster! Then, share your character with the rest of the world!

Our Kogama games give you the ability to customize your surroundings! Just like in Minecraft, you will use cube models to design trees, build mountains, and create stone structures. Once your map is finished, invite friends to play with you! Other players in the community are constantly creating new games. Join their adventures to win challenges and collect gold cubes. Purchase special items in the market with your virtual currency!

What are the best free Kogama Games online?

  1. Kogama: Crazy Parkour