Skateboarding Games

Our wide selection of skateboarding games includes tons of variety. You can play 3D, realistic skating simulations and 2D, arcade style game in a matter of seconds. If you like to race, our skateboarding collection hosts many different types of deck racing challenges, from downhill battles to Lego-themed runs. If you prefer to pull off big tricks, then look no further than our many skating challenges. You can even play officially licensed games, supported by Etnies skate shoes and the Rob & Big TV show. With multiple versions of many games available, you’ll never run out of options!

You can kickflip, spin, and ollie with just a few presses of the keyboard. Many of our skateboarding games feature practice sessions, where you can hone your skills on a half-pipe or in a skate park without any time restraints. Compete against virtual characters and your friends, and try to set a new high score! Many of our skateboarding challenges have multiple levels and courses, which will keep you challenged and busy trying to earn the most points. For a fantasy skating experience, you can even try kite-surfing!

What are the best free Skateboarding Games online?

  1. Skateboard Hero
  2. Skateboard City
  3. Uphill Rush 3
  4. Uphill Rush 4
  5. Uphill Rush 6
  6. Uphill Rush 5
  7. Uphill Rush
  8. Uphill Rush 2

What are the most popular Skateboarding Games for the mobile phone or tablet?

  1. Skateboard Hero