Rabbids Wild Race

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Rabbids Wild Race is an online multiplayer running game created by Ubisoft, where 32 players compete to be the last Rabbid standing of the game. Use your jetpack to avoid obstacles and Rabbids that shoot at you. Fly as far as you can and collect stars and coins before the other naughty Rabbids get them! Make sure to use those coins in the shop and unlock awesome outfits to customize your character. Dress-up your Rabbid and ready your jetpack, it's time to race!

How to play:

You can play Rabbids Wild Race with your mouse or with your keyboard.
Jump to fly with your jetpack, or run on the floor to move faster. Avoid traps, obstacles and enemies, and be the last standing player to win the race!

Jump - Mouse click and Spacebar
Select - Mouse click

Mobile controls: 

Jump - Tap and hold to fly up higher

Tips and Tricks:

  • Be aware of the nerve racking shield break moment. This moment is highlighted by a white barrier. If you cross the barrier, all the other 31 Rabbids can now jump on each others' heads, bumping you down if you get hit!
  • The stars you collect along the way can be used to unlock a cool armor booster in the main menu. With this armor, you can get hit one extra time in your next run!
  • With the coins you collect during your games, you can unlock awesome outfits for your Rabbid in the shop. Combine cool hats, like a viking hat, and glasses together with the rest of your outfit to make your Rabbid uniquely yours! You can even unlock some cool mustaches too.

About the creator:

Rabbids Wild Race was created by Ubisoft. This is their first game here on Poki!